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  GF-4 satellite, launched in Xichang Satellite Launch Center on December 29, 2015, is the first geosynchronous orbit remote sensing satellite in China and equipped with one stare camera with resolution of 50m visible light/400m medium wave infrared ray and swath of over 400km. It is based on area array starring imaging and boasts capability of visible light, multi-spectrum and infrared imaging. With 8 years of designed lifetime, it can observe China and the surrounding areas by pointing control. GF-4 satellite can provide fast, reliable and stable optical remote sensing data for application fields such as disaster reduction, forestry, earthquake and meteorology, supplement brand new technological means for disaster and risk warning and forecasting, forest fire disaster monitoring, seismotectonics information extraction and weather monitoring and open up a new field of geosynchronous orbit high resolution earth observation in China. Furthermore, GF-4 satellite also has great potential and wide space in those industries such as environmental protection, marine, agriculture and water conservation as well as regional application. Its key users include Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Meteorological Administration, China Earthquake Administration and State Forestry Administration.


  GF-4 satellite orbit parameters



Technical indicators of GF-4 satellite payload


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